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Youtube Vanced MOD APK

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Introduction to Youtube Vanced MOD APK

Youtube Vanced MOD is the advanced or in other words the modified version of the original YouTube version. You can download any video and play any kind of video which is available on the YouTube app for free and without ads, yes ,its completely ad-free. The interface is exactly the same like of the default app but personally we think that it is better.

Awesome features like background play, ad-blocking for free, blue or black or even white themes pre installed and things which you can only get in YouTube premium for paying some amount of money which no one is willing to pay. One of the biggest highlight of this mod is that you can even turn off the display and then continue listening to free music completely ad free.

This app is giving tough competition to Shazam, Google Play Music as they provide good and HD songs for some money and this Youtube Vanced mod is giving it for free.

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Features Of MOD 

  • Easily listen to any kind of music completely ad free. You will not see a single ad in this app, we guarantee you.
  • Background music playing, even when you exit the app.
  • Music will be running even when you turn the screen off.
  • You can stream all the videos which are available on YouTube , some premium videos are also available for free.
  • You can download any music video which you want, for free and then watch it later.
  • Create your playlists on this apk and enjoy your favourite songs in the background with your earphones plugged in.
  • Stream over 500 million videos for free and ad free, download them, play them on the go.
  • Separately add your songs or videos to the liked videos list and get the thing right.

Direct Download Link For Youtube MOD

Download MOD Apk

You have to download an additional app to download and save videos on your device. The app name is microG and you have to download it from here. Please download it as it is very useful for downloading videos and saving on your device with your gmail account.

MicroG is useful

How To Install Youtube Vanced MOD APK v14.21.54

STEP 1 – Download the latest version of Youtube Vanced and let the download completely finish.

STEP 2 – After downloading don’t just go for installation, first check if you have any previous version of this app installed.

Step 3 – Now go to settings and then delete the previous version, after doing this tap on install.

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Step 4 – For downloading you have to download an additional simple application called MicroG (download it from here) which is used in downloading videos in this app.

Step 5 – Now After following each and every step, install the MOD on your Android phone.

Step 6 – Now Enjoy listening to your favourite songs on your device.

Availability and compatibility

Youtube Vanced MOD APK is only available for Android phones at this moment as iPhones does not allow third party apps from other companies.


Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

These are Real screenshots and the app is identical to the original app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Youtube Vanced contain each and every video which is on the original app?

Yes, it has each and every video. You can download it, play it, like it, share it, and watch it without any ads.

What are the advantages of using this MOD?

The advantages are listed above under the features. Please give it a read.

Is it safe to download it from here?

Yes it is completely safe to download it from ApkRoar.

What is the size of this app. Is it too big to download?

No it is not a big app and you can easily download it without consuming your daily data.

Do my android phone needs to be rooted to use this app?

No you don’t need to do any kind of rooting to your device. You can download from the safe link provided above for an ad free experience


Thankyou for downloading the latest version of Youtube Vanced apk. Hope you enjoy an ad free experience with video streaming and playing background music like you did with music focused apps.

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