Top 3 Apps for Brain Development 

Apps for Brain Development
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Some people, by nature, don’t have very developed memory, concentration, and logical thinking. Here are 3 apps for brain development with which you will improve brain function.

To improve brain function, the world’s experts have developed special online and offline simulators, which really help improve brain function. When working with such online simulators, use only the services of reputable companies that specialize in this direction, otherwise the result can not be significant.

You will improve:

  • Memory – you will improve the ability to memorize, pump short-term and long-term memory, thanks to which you’ll remember quickly and for a long time.
  • Attention – you’ll improve concentration and focus, it will allow you to perform tasks more productively and make the right decision while betting at 22Bet TZ, without being distracted by external stimuli.
  • Flexibility – you will smoothly switch from one task to another.
  • Speed – apps will allow you to increase the speed of decision making and data analysis.
  • Pronunciation – they will teach you to pronounce words and sentences more accurately and clearly.


The developers of NeuroNation claim that without constant training, the brain simply atrophies. Medical research confirms this, so this app was created to solve the problem.

The utility was developed with the help of neuropsychologists and offers more than 32 exercises and personalized courses. But before you start doing them, you’ll need to take a quick test to identify brain strengths and weaknesses.

To be assessed, you need to take exercises on attentiveness, logical thinking, memory and speed. The data can be compared with the results of different age groups, and then the app will make a plan for individual training.

Besides, you can choose the intensity of exercise, set reminders so you do not forget to perform the next exercise. As your performance improves, the app will make the tasks more difficult

Train Your Brain

This app combines games and learning. The developers of the app took a slightly different approach. That users would be more interested in performing developmental tasks, they have made trainers in the form of mini-games. Now Train your Brain is a new way to train your brain and to have fun by playing different games.


The app will allow you to quickly pump your brain. Games inside it are provided in the form of games that will allow not only to pump your brain but also to have fun.

According to the results of each game, you get certain points, on the basis of which you can assess the dynamics of development in this exercise and in the development of mental abilities in general. A big plus of the online service is that the results of users do not exist separately, but are analyzed and used together, which increases the reliability of the results and the quality of the games. There is an opportunity to compare yourself with other users of the service: the system shows how many percent of users have a BPI lower or equal to yours on the five main indicators and in general.

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