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Mac is not only a great computer for work but also a good platform for games. However, finding online games for Mac is not so easy – there are far fewer of them than games for Windows. In this article, we have compiled a selection of the best online games available on Mac. All of them are available both in the free version and in a more advanced-paid version.


Minecraft came out a few years ago, but still continues to receive good user reviews and attracts millions of players every year. Its main secret is in the freedom that it provides to people. Here you can build everything from a simple house to the greatest castles, decorate the interiors of your creations with intricate details and present them to the whole world.

And if you don’t like that kind of variety, there’s also a more difficult mode, Survival Mode, in which the player has to do everything with their own hands to survive the dangerous nights when you are attacked by hordes of enemies. In addition, in contrast to the cute pixelated aesthetic, this mode has completely different graphics that can really boost your adrenaline levels. By the way, if you are looking for another way to raise your adrenaline, you can try betting on the 22Bet website. In addition to bright emotions, you can also earn good money.


Gwent is a popular card game from the Witcher universe. The gameplay is similar to Gwent from the acclaimed RPG series, with a few tweaks and additions. All maps are based on the Witcher universe, and live players can act as opponents instead of a computer.

Gwent has a huge number of game possibilities, from bluffing to spontaneous decisions, not to mention a wide variety of game modes. Unfortunately, it uses a shareware model, so you will have to suffer from microtransactions.


Probably every person who has ever played online games has heard of Defense of the Ancients, which is also known as DOTA. In the second part of the series, the developers have improved the already great format.

Interestingly, the first part of the game was originally created in the Warcraft III community in the form of a mod. But it became so popular that Valve decided to buy it and develop it further, which is how this option appeared.

The game involves ten players, two teams of five. Each of them independently controls a character with unique abilities, and the goal of the game is to defeat the enemy team in a PvP battle. Each team at the base has a structure called “Ancient”. The team that destroys the Ancient Enemy first wins the match.

The game is constantly updated, in addition – it has good graphics and excellent sound, which also help to keep the players interested. However, if you want to play really well, getting used to it will not be easy. The game has been out for quite some time, so you will definitely have to face more experienced opponents.



There are a lot of online RPGs, but few of them have the same impact on the industry as Path of Exile. This is one of the best online games available on Mac.

Path of Exile has an exciting and interesting storyline. It is set in a dark fantasy setting where the people of Oriath exile humans to the continent of Wraeclast, which was once the home of the Old Gods. And you, in the role of such an exile, will have to fight your way back to Oriath.

You can choose different classes for your character, such as ranger or priest. Each of them has unique traits, abilities and parameters. Experienced RPG players will also surely notice borrowings from the Diablo series. With her, the game also shares the only drawback – pumping at the later stages becomes very tiring, since experience is gained slowly, and valuable loot rarely drops out.


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