MicroG For Youtube Vanced v0.2.6.17455 MOD APK

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Introduction to MicroG MOD APK

MicroG is used to download and save videos for one of the most famous Youtube Vanced MOD APK. Youtube vanced is a very popular app for an ad free experience on online video streaming. It is also used to play background music as it still works even when you exit the app or turn off the display.

MicroG mod is one of the best apps because it replaces Google Play Services and lets you use apps that require Google’s libraries preventing your data from being shared with the company.

Also checkout games like Carrom Pool and premium apps like Spotify for free.

Features Of MicroG 

  • GMS core services: a library that provides the connection for those apps that require Google Play Services or the Google Maps API.
  • GsfProxy: a tool to access Google Cloud Messaging.
  • UnifiedNlp: library to provide WiFi-based or telephony antenna geolocation.
  • Maps API: for the applications that use the maps service.
  • Phonesky: to access the Google Play Store and update apps.

Read more technical features of MicroG

Direct Download Link For MicroG MOD

Download MOD Apk

How To Install MicroG MOD APK v0.2.6.17455

STEP 1 – Click on the download button.

STEP 2 – After downloading don’t just go for installation, first check if you have any previous version of this app installed.

Step 3 – Now go to settings and then delete the previous version, after doing this tap on install.

Step 5 – Now After following each and every step, install the MOD on your phone.

Step 6 – Now Enjoy playing seamless videos and start download your favourite ones.

Availability and compatibility

MicroG MOD APK is available for Android phones only because it is a third party app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Youtube Vanced?

You can download it from here. Thanks!

Will I not be able to run YouTube vanced without this?

You can run it without any problem but you can’t download anything on that app without this. This app is needed for a seamless experience.

What is MicroG?

MicroG is an open source software for android. It allows you to run Youtube Vanced easily. It is an application designed to beat  google play services for alternative purposes and mainly MOD applications.

Read it through Wikipedia.

Final Thoughts

Hope you downloaded this important software for Youtube MOD APK. Please do share it with your friends and family as they can also enjoy downloading these type of awesome apps from apkroar.

If you have any type of query , you can comment down below and if you have any type of suggestions you can contact us. For any type of ads query you can fill out our contact form.

2 comments on "MicroG For Youtube Vanced v0.2.6.17455 MOD APK"

  1. rajesh says:

    Is it compulsory to download microG or we can do anything with Youtube Vanced only?

    • apkroar says:

      If you don’t want to download and save videos offline then you do not need to download microG. You can use the youtube vanced version easily

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