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Chosen as the ‘most competitive game of 2018’, Head Ball 2 is a fun and thrilling soccer game. Take place in 1v1 online soccer matches against real opponents from all around the world.
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Head Ball 2 is a multiplayer and fast-paced football game. You can play against many players or take part in 1v1 online football games against your friends from all around the world.

Also, you can join a football team and play with them, or you can even make your team and add your friends. Winning a match on your team will give you different prizes and rewards. Once you make your team, you can start challenging others in a game.

Moreover, each game is for 90 seconds, and whichever player score more goals will win the game.

Besides, it is a free game. But there might be some in-game stuff that you might need to buy with real money. Also, if you do not want to see the in-app purchase option, you can disable it from your phone’s settings.

Since it is an online game, your network connection has to be very strong.

Features of Head Ball 2

  • John Motson, a popular commentator, voices all the amazing and thrilling moments in the game
  • You can connect your Facebook to play with your friends
  • There are 125 different characters that you can unlock
  • Win more matches to gain supporters as it will help you to unlock more stadiums
  • There are 5 different football leagues and has 15 brackets to play
  • You will get a daily mission, and this makes the game more fun and interesting
  • Plan your strategy with 18 different powers
  • As you play more, you can upgrade these power-ups
  • It is a multiplayer game, so you can play against real people
  • More than 100 accessories are available to improve your football hero
  • Also, card packs are available. They contain new items and characters
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 Tips and Tricks to win a game in Head Ball 2

Here are some ways to ace playing Head Ball 2:

#1 Be Fast

The game needs a blend of fast hand movements a sharp instinct.

You need to know the speed of the ball and then projectile it. Moreover, you need to know the perfect time to kick and jump so that you can have the upper hand against others. You can achieve this once you practice a lot.

Also, if you can, try to score as much as you can in the first 15 – 20 seconds and then defend your side. If you do this, it will make the opposite team restless.

The game is all about how to handle the pressure in tricky conditions. Since in pressure, you or your opponent tend to make more mistakes. Hence, you can put pressure on the opponent then you have almost won the match.

The game not only tests your temperament as well as your patience level. You have to be quick to decide your position.

Masomo Head Ball 2

Image Credit: YouTube

#2 Confuse your opponent 

In a fast game like this, you always need to understand your opponent’s strategy, and they will try to understand yours. If you do not want your opponent to understand your game, you need to be flexible to change your strategies.

Hence, do not let the other team understand the strategy. In the game’s guide, there are two types of strategy – aggressive and defensive. You can choose one as your game flows.

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Also, once you know your opponent’s strategy and react to the goals, you can counter them. It isn’t easy to understand others’ strategies, but you will know it quickly if you play regularly.

#3 Which strategy to choose from

You already know there are 2 types of strategies that are defensive and aggressive. But as you practice more, you can do a combination of both. When you play aggressively, ensure that you destroy your opponent’s defense and score as many goals as possible.

If you want this to happen, you need to be away from the goal post for most of the match. However, be cautious as this might allow your opponent to the goal against you.

If you choose the defensive strategy, you have to defend your side all the time when your opponent tries to goal. However, with this strategy, you cannot win many games, especially when you are at higher levels.

Hence, we suggest using a combination of both defensive and aggressive methods.

For the first 10 – 15 seconds, be aggressive and try to score as many goals as you can. Then quickly adjust your positions. Now be near the goal post, block, and defend every shot of the opponent.

Moreover, if you can successfully pull this off, your opponent will be agitated and make bad decisions. Also, change the gameplay as soon as you see this combination method is not working.

#4 Check the time

Each game lasts for one and a half minutes. A lot of players do not keep track of the time in their pre-decided matches. You need not be flexible as well as plan your strategy that fits within 90 seconds.

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#5 Stay close to your goal

Rookie players make a big mistake when they always focus on scoring and attacking. It would help if you learned how to defend the goal post, as it is vital.

Once you stop your opponent’s goal, they will become nervous; hence, you can counterattack them. To win in a game, you need to not give any chances to the opponent to score a goal.

One wrong move will make you lose the game.

#6 Stay Calm

Lastly, remember that this is a game to enjoy and relax. So, try not to be angry if you lose a game. Respect the opponents and do not bad mouth them in the game. If you are calm, then you can easily win and level up quickly.

Final thoughts

Head Ball 2 has become very popular because of its user-friendly interface. We have listed the game feature as well as tips on how you can win the game easily.

The game is available at the Play Store, and with the help of emulators, you can even play it on your PC.

What's new

- Bug fixes and optimizations.



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