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How to stay productive and finish your projects? There are plenty of habits and rituals that can help shape a productive and successful day. But there are also plenty of little things that can help you create an atmosphere conducive to prosperity. These 10 rules might make a good checklist that you can periodically read and apply to your work or home routine. 

Prepare before you begin

Productivity doesn’t just happen by a snap of the fingers-the process begins long before you get started. The earlier you prepare and formulate a clear idea of what you want to achieve, the easier and quicker the job will go.

Follow a daily routine

Athletes, musicians, and many others are better suited to follow this rule. A daily routine will train your subconscious mind to know when it is time to work and when to rest. Trying to be productive yesterday morning, this afternoon, and tomorrow evening won’t do you any good in the long run.

Take regular breaks

Again, you don’t have to sit and think about one task for eight hours straight to be productive. You are not a robot. Be aware of your inner resources and take breaks when you need to. It could be useful to do some other things during such regular breaks. For example, you can gamble or place bets (for example on this virtual platform betting company in India, if you are in India). Nowadays there are many virtual sportsbooks and online casinos so it is easy to choose one which will fit your taste the most.

Remove all the distractions

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that phone vibrations, email notifications, and other factors are disrupting your thoughts. You can’t write a great novel and chat with friends at the same time.

Be flexible

We think that being productive is about getting from point A to point B, getting things done clearly according to plan. But the reality is that sometimes you have to abandon the planned route of work – and that’s okay. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to brainstorm, try many different ideas, watch them fail before your eyes, and finally choose the best option.

Measure the result of your work

If you can’t measure your results, you can’t improve them. But it’s important to realize that measurement isn’t always about time, money, or something tangible. Sometimes the best way is to look back at your previous work and see if it got better this time.

Show your work to others and ask for feedback

Don’t be shy about telling others what you’re currently working on. Feedback is a very important thing. Sometimes one conversation can help you look at things from a new angle and increase your productivity.

Work for the publicity

This method of increasing productivity stems from the previous one. Many people think they work better by secluding themselves in a bedroom or office with a laptop. But that’s not always right. In the digital age, there are many ways to get your output out there, be it a book, a startup idea, a music album, etc. Just share it on social media and ask for feedback.

Listen to music

If you’re a music lover, light instrumental or classical music in the background will boost your productivity. The tunes mustn’t be too catchy so as not to distract you. By the way, classical music is recommended to boost your cognitive skills.

Maintain an optimal temperature for your workplace

Room temperature has a huge impact on our productivity. If you’re cold (or hot), it’s not just uncomfortable, it’s distracting – just like the uncomfortable body position when working that we talked about earlier. Your brain won’t concentrate properly on your work if it’s too busy dealing with temperature regulation. According to some studies, low office temperatures contribute to lower productivity. The optimum room temperature to encourage concentrated work is 25 degrees Celsius.

Then again, if you work out or clean with gusto, a cooler environment might be just right for you and your work. Either way, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, consider changing the temperature of the room.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful! We wish you to stay optimistic and productive!

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